WEEK #33

After reading each day’s individual chapter, please write in the appropriate prayer time(s), and place an “x” on the line (“_____”) provided, indicating that you have completed the Bible reading. Then, please write in the answer to the chapter questions (feel free to re-read the chapter as many times as necessary in order to answer the questions; hint: after reading the entire chapter, find the question as it appears in the chapter and write the answer to the question exactly as it appears in the chapter).


Day 1: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Acts 1) ___

When the Holy Spirit comes upon us and fills us, with the initial, physical evidence of speaking in unknown tongues, what do we receive power to be?  


Day 2: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Acts 2) ____

When the people asked “What shall we do” after hearing Peter’s convicting sermon, what did he tell them?            



Day 3: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Acts 3) _____

What must one do to have one’s sins blotted out?        



Day 4: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Acts 4) _____

When commanded by the religious rulers “not to speak at all nor teach in the Name of Jesus”, what did Peter and John say (that we must say)?           


Day 5: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Acts 5) _____

(a) When the religious leaders threw the apostles in prison to stop their preaching and witnessing for Christ, what did God send His angel to do and say? (b) When the religious leaders reminded Peter and the other apostles that they had commanded them not to preach, what did Peter say (that we must say)?             



Day 6: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Acts 6) _____

What did the apostles give themselves to continually (that we must continually give ourselves to)?           


Day 7: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Acts 7) ____

What happened to the council “when they heard these things” that Stephen preached?  





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