After reading each day’s individual chapter, please write in the appropriate prayer time(s), and place an “x” on the line (“_____”) provided, indicating that you have completed the Bible reading. Then, please write in the answer to the chapter questions (feel free to re-read the chapter as many times as necessary in order to answer the questions; hint: after reading the entire chapter, find the question as it appears in the chapter and write the answer to the question exactly as it appears in the chapter).


Day 1: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Ezekiel 16) _____

What was the iniquity, or, sin, of the city of Sodom? __________________________________________________________


Day 2: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Ezekiel 17) ____

What will God do to the one who breaks His Covenant?



Day 3: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Ezekiel 18) _____

The false doctrine of Original Sin states that every person born into the human race is born with a sinful nature, and bears the iniquity of Adam, the first man who sinned Does God’s Word say that people bear the iniquity of others, including Adam, or not?



Day 4: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Ezekiel 19) _____

A lamentation is a sorrowful song for someone or something that is dying or dead. In calling for a lamentation to be taken up for Israel, who does God say is dead, the people, or, the “princes” (leaders)? _________________________________________________


Day 5: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Ezekiel 20) _____

When we obey God’s command in Isaiah 58:1 to “cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgressions, and the house of Jacob their sins” and people “remember” their “ways and all” their “doings, wherein” they “have been defiled”, how should they think about themselves?



Day 6: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Ezekiel 21) _____

In what do people’s sins appear? _____________________________________________


Day 7: Planned Prayer Time: _____ Time prayed: _____ (Ezekiel 22) _____

Usually, when God’s people turned away from God and committed sin it was because their leaders (prophet, priest, king [prince]) were committing sin. In Israel (as is done today in what is falsely called “the church”), what did prophets devour, what did priests violate, and what did princes get? ____________________________________________






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