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Biblical Requirements for Affiliation with Soulwinners Ministries International

“This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. A bishop must then be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach; not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; one that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (for if a man know not how to rule his house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.”

(1 Timothy 3:7)

The passage of Scripture above teaches some of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Biblical requirements for those who would be Biblical overseers or leaders over Christian ministry work. Do you meet all of the following qualifications? :

    1.  Blameless (In Greek, meaning, “unaccused, irreproachable”)?

    2.  Husband of one wife (or, unmarried and never divorced)?

    3.  Vigilant (“abstaining from wine, keeping sober, be discreet, circumspect)?

    4.  Sober (“safe, (sound) in mind, self-controlled, [moderate as to opinion or passion”])?

    5.  Of good behavior (“orderly, decorous”)?

    6.  Given to hospitality (“fond of guests, hospitable”)?

    7.  Apt to teach (“instructive”)?

    8.  Not given to wine (“staying near wine”)?

    9.  No striker (“a smiter, pugnacious [quarrelsome])?

    10.  Not greedy of filthy lucre (“unavaricious:- without coveteousness”)?

    11.  Patient (“appropriate, mild”)?

    12.  Not a brawler (“peacable”)?

    13.  Not covetous (“unavaricious”)?

    14.  One that ruleth well his own house, having his children under subjection with all gravity (“Ruleth” means in Greek “to stand before [in rank], to preside, to practice”; “House” in Greek means “a dwelling, a family”; “Subjection” in Greek means “obedience”; “Gravity” in Greek means “venerableness, honesty”)?

    15.  Not a novice (“Newly planted, a young convert”)?

    16.  Having a good report of them that are without (“Report” in Greek means “evidence”)?


*Please prayerfully consider the above Biblical requirements for ministry. Do you meet all of the Lord’s requirements? If you do not, please immediately repent to the Lord, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse you from your sin, save you, and fill you with the Holy Spirit, then seek the Lord in fasting and prayer to learn whether His Will is for you to step down from your ministerial position, or to change your life and the ministry with which He ha entrusted you, to fit His Biblical Standards. If you are meeting the Lord’s Biblical requirements, we welcome you to continue studying the following documents for affiliation with Soulwinners Ministries International.
Concerning your personal life: 

I. Substance Abuse:

    Do you (or have you ever):
    1. Drink alcohol?
    2. Use tobacco?
    3. Use drugs?
    4. Use psychotropic or prescription drugs?

II. Moral Purity:

    Do you (have you ever):
    1. Fornicate?
    2. Masturbate?
    3. Engage in homosexuality?
    4. Look at pornography?
    5. Look at women, men, or children, with lust?
    6. Molest children?
    7. Commit incest?
    8. Have you ever been sexually molested?
    9. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
    10. Have you ever been put in jail or prison?

III. Devotional Life:

    1. How much time do you spend in prayer every day?
    2. How much of God’s Word do you read every day?
    3. How many people do you witness the Gospel of the Lord
        Jesus Christ to every day?
    4. How often do you fast?

IV. Personal Holiness:

    1. Are you living a life of daily, continual victory over all temptation, and freedom from         all sin, through the Lord Jesus Christ?
    2. Do you believe that you are commanded in God’s Word, the Bible, to live free from all         sin, in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 5:14, John 8:11, 1 Corinthians 15:34, 1 John 3:6-9,         1 John 5:18, etc)?
    3. Do you sin every day in word, thought, and deed?
    4. Do watch non-Christian television?
    5. Do you read non-Christian books?
    6. Do you listen to non-Christian music?
    7. Do you regularly fellowship with non-Christian people, for purposes other than
    witnessing the Gospel of Christ to them?

V. Personal Finances:

    1. Do you live by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to provide all of your financial needs     (Philippians 4:19)?
    2. Do you desire to be affiliated with Soulwinners Ministries International because you         desire to receive finances from this ministry?
    3. Are you in debt?
    4. Have you ever declared bankruptcy?

VI. Ministry:

    1. Are you in ministry because the Lord Jesus Christ called you into His Service?
    2. Are you in ministry for financial gain?
    3. Are you in ministry in order to become famous and well-liked by people?
    4. Are you in ministry in order to see multitudes say “the sinner’s prayer” and then go         back to their lives of sin and continue in sin until they are cast into the lake of fire?
    5. Do you believe that if one has “asked Jesus into one’s heart” one is a “Christian” who         will go to Heaven, even if they go back to living a life of daily sin against Christ?
    6. Do you believe that every person was born “a sinner”?
    7. Do you believe that every person was born with a “sinful nature”?
    8. Do you believe that sin is a physical substance that every person (besides the Lord         Jesus Christ) inherited, through their blood, from Adam?
    9. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ’s command for us to “be ye therefore         perfect (morally), even as your Father in Heaven is perfect” is possible for us to obey         (with Christ’s Help)?
    10. Are you willing to preach that people must repent, stop all sin, deny themselves,         Biblically believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and live a life of Biblically obedient faith in         Christ according to the Bible, free from all sin, in order to have eternal salvation         (Luke 13:3,5, Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:14-15, Acts 20:21, John 14:6, 1 Timothy 2:5, 1         Peter 3:18, Hebrews 5:5-9, John 8:31-36, John 14:15, 1 John 3:6-9,
    Matthew 24:12-13, Philippians 2:12-13)?
    11. Do you believe and agree with everything that you have read on our website and in         our email communications?
    12. Are you willing to preach and teach the Biblical doctrines that we believe in and         preach and teach?
    13. Are you willing to live free from all sin in the Lord Jesus Christ, and preach for every         person to live free from all sin in the Lord Jesus Christ, even if you never see         anybody repent, forsake all sin, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, live in completely         obedient faith in Him and His Word, and go and sin no more?
    14. Are you willing to live a life of complete Biblical self-denial for Christ?
    15. Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ more than you love your own life?
    16. Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ more than you love ministry?
    17. Are you willing to die for Christ?
    18. Are you willing to die for Christ, so that those without Christ might know Him?

We have been praying for you who are involved, or are seeking to be involved in, ministry done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that you are meeting the Biblical Requirements for Christian leadership. Unfortunately, the majority of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, worldwide, are not meeting these Biblical Qualifications for leadership in the true Body of Christ. And that is a major reason why the whole world, and the majority of what falsely calls itself “the church” is headed for the Lake of Fire.
Though it might be time consuming, please take as long as is necessary to thoroughly, Biblically, and prayerfully, read the above requirements and questions, and email us back with an answer for each question. The questions are not meant to offend you, pry into your personal life, or make you uncomfortable. They are meant to enable us to come to know about who you are, where you stand with Christ, Biblically, doctrinally, and in terms of ministry, and what it is that you believe and preach. We do not know you, personally. Because of this, it would not be Biblically correct for us to authorize you becoming an extension of, or starting a branch of, Soulwinners Ministries International, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, without learning as much about you, as we possibly can.

May the Lord bless all of you. Hebrews 12:14 states that without holiness, no man shall see the Lord. Please make sure to live a Biblically holy life and preach and teach for every person that you meet to live a Biblically holy life, a well. Remember the question asked by the Lord Jesus Christ to His disciples “what will it profit you to gain the whole world and to lose your soul?” (Matthew 16:26).

We look forward to hearing back from you.

In the Service of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Michael and Tamika Venyah, founders

Soulwinners Ministries International